List Building Website Tutorials
(How to build a simple website
even it is your very first time)


This series will take you through registering a domain and getting hosting, and using free tools to create a simple website (your first one maybe). It will take you step-by-step to getting a product live with payment button all connected and ready to make your first sale.


First Step - Keyword Research:
Please note: The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is now available 
inside your Google AdWords account (it does not cost you anything,
but you must log in).

This is an optional step, included for those who do not have a domain
name yet.

Second Step - Register A Domain With Namecheap:
To Get A Domain Go To Namecheap: 
Click Here To Go To Namecheap

Third Step - Get Hosting From Hostgator:

To Get Hosting Go To Hostgator: 
Click Here To Go To Hostgator
Fourth Step - Linking Your Domain To Your Hosting:


Fifth Step - Downloading An HTML Editor:
Click Here To Download (Nvu) Komposer



Sixth Step - Downloading Software To Upload Your Website:

Click Here To Download FileZilla: